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Thoughts from the Indigo Trust on the role of foundations in funding technology in Africa

August 10, 2012

Loren Treisman, Trust Executive of the Indigo Trust (TPW alumna and Institute board member Fran Perrin’s charitable foundation) has written a very interesting article for the BBC about the role of foundations in supporting the ICT sector in Africa, highlighting that the best solutions to Africa’s challenges will come from the communities which are affected by them.

In it, Loren says:

“It is my hope that a combination of philanthropic, institutional and private sector investment in technology innovation hubs, early stage tech start-ups and tech for social change projects will have a catalytic effect in stimulating both economic growth and improved social outcomes.”

The article has been published on the BBC website, and you can read the full version here.

You can learn more about the Indigo Trust by reading their blog or by following them on Twitter @indigotrust