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Kurt Hoffman’s review of Caroline Fiennes’ latest book, ‘It Ain’t What You Give It’s The Way That You Give It’

September 13, 2012

Kurt’s review of Caroline Fiennes’  book on effective philanthropy is now available to subscribers on the Alliance magazine website. In the piece, Kurt argues:

The author’s main focus is on how to ensure donors secure the greatest social benefit from the resources they channel through charities to effect social change. In so doing, many common practices of donors that cause problems for charities are identified. But charities should also note the central message of this book: that not all charities are equally good, and their performance can vary widely. In fact from society’s perspective it is not just good charitable performers that should be supported but donors’ resources should flow in large part to the bestperformers. Comparative measurement of impact is a trend that many charities and many donors still resist, for reasons to do with practicality and cost. So here’s the debating point. Comparative performance evaluation of charities (and donors) would indeed be costly and disruptive. But from a societal point of view, the benefits arising from being able to channel scarce social change resources to those actors and actions that can achieve the most might be much, much greater than the costs involved.

Maybe the title of this book should really have been ‘It Ain’t What You Get, It’s How Much Good You Do With It’.

You can access the full article here.